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Understanding OCD and Why OCD Counselling Is Vital

There are many mental illnesses that people suffer from across the globe. One of the mist common mental health disorder is OCD. This is obsessive compulsive disorder in full. This type of obsession occurs when someone has many compulsions and obsessions. Compulsive behaviors and obsessive thoughts affect people of all ages and gender. People that have a severe condition of obsessive compulsive behavior cannot be able to concentrate on other vital tasks because a cycle of numerous compulsions and obsessions takes most of the precious time thus lowering their productivity. OCD can be caused by a person’s genetic composition or the effect of ones surrounding environment.

Obsessions are mostly thoughts that are unwanted and intrusive. Someone sees images and some urges that can make them get feelings that are distressing. These impulses and thoughts occur all the time and they become a disturbance to the victim. You will feel doubt and fear when you have these thoughts. However, you need to distinguish between obsessive compulsive disorder and most obsessive personal traits. OCD thoughts will consume your time and prevent you from doing essential tasks. The common obsessions that people with OCD experience include, contamination, thoughts of sexual behavior that are not wanted, getting thoughts of losing control, getting religious obsessions or scrupulosity, obsessions related to harm, obsessions that are related to perfectionism, thoughts about getting a particular disease, often having superstitious ideas about something or someone, among other obsessive thoughts.

Compulsions are thoughts or certain behaviors that a victim of OCD used so that they can be able neutralize their obsessions. Compulsions are an attempt to counteract disturbing obsessive thoughts. A person will try as much as possible to avoid all situations that lead to severe obsession. Compulsions also take most time and make someone unproductive in particular important duties or tasks. You also have to remember that not all repetitive behaviors are considered compulsions. Compulsions in OCD many include excessive washing and cleaning of items or oneself, always checking to confirm you did not do something terrible that can cause harm or mistakes, doing things repetitively many times, having several mental compulsions so that you replace the bad with the good, often asking or confessing so that you get reassurance on something, among other compulsions that consume most of your time.

The severity of OCD varies from one person to another. When you have this condition, you will not be able to do well in your academics, your work, or carrying out tasks at home. You will end up getting bad grades. You may also end up being fired from formal employment because your employer finds you a liability in their company. This mental disorder is also likely to lead to other disorders like eating disorder, getting anxiety disorders or even getting depressed. It is, therefore, vital that you get treated for this ailment as soon as you start seeing the symptoms. Treatment is mostly in form of psychotherapy that is done by an OCD counsellor. The most common therapy is cognitive behavior therapy commonly called CBT. You can also go for medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

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