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Know If Keto Diet is Right for You and What Dessert Recipes You Can Enjoy in This Diet

There is now a trending kind of diet that people who are interested in losing weight but are fed up with low or no fats diets, and are now craving for high fat meats, can go into, and this diet is called keto diet. This new diet is now a subject of debates among doctors and dieticians, while also being endorsed by several celebrities. With all these hoopla of this new diet, consumers are wondering if keto diet is safe and right for them.

For the information, a ketogenic diet uses sugar in the form of glycogen in order to function. Since keto diet would extremely restrict your body to use sugar, you will then have to use fat as fuel instead of sugar, since your body does not have enough of it. Because your body cannot get enough fuel with the reduction or absence of sugar intake, your liver will be forced to turn into ketones whatever fat is available to be used as fuel for your body, and thus ketogenic term is coined.

Further, keto diet is described as a high fat diet with a minimum amount of protein. In less than a week, as your body gets lesser carb intake, it will reach a state of so-called ketosis and will stay in that state. You will then have a dramatic loss of weight since your fat is used instead of sugar to fuel your body.

It is the goal of keto diet that you will get 60-75{61184866ff15cdb405c52590996984f5dcc9333127d40f009c80f9c52d0a6265} of your calories every day from fat, and only 15-30{61184866ff15cdb405c52590996984f5dcc9333127d40f009c80f9c52d0a6265} from protein and only 5-10{61184866ff15cdb405c52590996984f5dcc9333127d40f009c80f9c52d0a6265} from carbohydrates. So in this situation, you can only take around 20-50 grams of carbs every day.

With keto diets seen as the most popular diet in 2018, it is viewed of no slowing down in 2019. The ketogenic desserts are seen as the most popular among the recipes in this diet.

Be informed that a ketogenic diet is a kind of diet that is basically made up of foods high in fats, like butter, cheese, eggs, fish, and oils. This diet also has a content of very low carb vegetables such as cauliflower and leafy greens.

As opposed to using glucose, the diet makes it a goal to use fat for fuel for the body to burn, with a state termed as ketosis. So, as emphasized, if you are following this diet, you must restrict your carb intake every day to only 50 grams of carbohydrates.

According to experts, this diet is recommended for individuals having various diseases such as psoriasis and asthma.

Among the dessert recipes in the keto diet is the low carb lemon and blueberry cupcakes and cookies, where you can visit this page for more information.You have these other choices of famous keto dessert recipes such as keto peanut butter fudge, matcha coconut cupcakes and so on.