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Getting Qualified Therapists and Counselors for Anxiety Disorders Treatment

PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder while OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. PTSD is a disorder which one gets due to failure to recover after experiencing or witnessing terrifying events such as accidents with only one survivor, attacks by terrorists where a lot of people died and you survived and rape while OCD is having excessive thoughts of obsession that lead to having same behaviors or compulsions. The two are disorders that can wreck one’s life in case they are chronic and not fully attended too. A recurrence of negative behavior may give an individual a hard time sleeping, excess obsessive compulsive disorder leads to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Individuals who are mostly at higher risks of getting post-traumatic stress disorder are those that have military experience, police officers, firemen, and rescue men. This is not always the case but most of them suffer from this disorder. In case an individual was involved in the above, taking them to well specialized doctors can save their lives because living with these disorders is not a walk in the park, it can be very difficult for the person and those around them to cope. Family and friends to individuals who have undergone traumatic events can help them avoid situations that remind them of the experience or event.

Signs individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder develop are trying to relive the event, some start developing horrific nightmares or continuous try to relive the experience by flashback, others remember of the experience when they witness some sights, smells and sounds, other individuals try to avoid situations that remind them of the events, become secluded and avoid movies that maybe horror, these individuals tend to stay alone in order to avoid talking to people about the events. Some individuals develop negative changes about themselves and those around them, this brings about detachment from loved ones and relationships in their lives. Individuals who have experienced traumatic events develop the habit of always looking out for danger and don’t rest at ease, this leads to panicking every now and then, after traumatic events, family members may take these individuals to professional therapists or counselors who offer a helping hand.

A cognitive behavioral therapist is specialized and has special training in OCD treatment, they help individuals understand that the brain – which is the core organ that controls reactions in the whole body- is sending messages which have errors. Cognitive behavioral therapists encourage exercises for people who have the disorders and with time, the anxieties shrink or fade away completely, this ensures that the person is able to gain their confidence back and also get special skills to control the behaviors through a continuous cognitive therapy.
Therapists’ or counselors help their patients understand the causes that trigger worries and fears, teach individuals how to relax and look at situations in new and less frightening ways. They are also able to help individuals replace negative thoughts with positive and realistic thoughts by coming up with calming statements one can say to themselves when they are facing these hard moments.

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