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What You Should Know About Social Justice and What You Can Do

If people live in harmony and the little privileges are shared equally, that is what we call social justice. When things are not done correctly, people not treated equally, that is known as social injustice. You will agree that social injustice is common irrespective of the part of the universe. Apart from the cases of social injustice in your locality, note that it happens globally. This article discusses the different forms of social injustice and how we can fight them to ensure that we live in a just world.

Economic injustice is one of the common vices in the world today. Economic injustice means that the available opportunities are not shared equally. Apart from income and pay, Economic injustice may also be based on wealth. Also, social justice could be in the form of discrimination. The age or gender of someone should not be a reason not be just and fair. It is better to learn about social injustice through discrimination. Read on to learn more about the different forms of discrimination.

There is common discrimination based on religion. Different people have varying belief in the supreme. Religious discrimination tends to target minorities. It is also important to note that even in societies that practice freedom of religion, minorities gave always felt victimized. Age discrimination is another form of social injustice. Discrimination based on age is very common in the workplace. You must have heard cases where older employees are getting terminated so that young ones can fill their positions. Even if some people are assigned duties that are demeaning based on their age, that is discrimination.

The other form of discrimination can be based on gender. The biological differences between men and women should not mean that they should not get equal treatment. There could also be discrimination based on race. It is a bad thing for someone to imagine that he or she is superior to the other based on their race. If someone is targeted based on his or her race, that’s called racial profiling.

You have a responsibility to fight social injustice. First we should embrace the need to promote equality. You should ensure that you treat people with equality, especially the people around you. Note that people who are always in the forefront in the fight against social injustice need donations in terms of time and resources. It is also important to note that you can volunteer to help with some work at a seniors’ care center. Apart from engaging the people in the society who can implement changes, you can also join other demonstrators to send a message about the fight against social injustice.

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