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The Latest Technology in Wire Coating and Pump Plungers

Poor performance of fracking plungers can occur as a result of centerless grinding of either a new or a reinstalled plunger. Note that wearing of the ground surface is not concentric at the end where the clamping occurs. Some of the effect you obtain includes vibration and poor operations of services that in the long run leads to scoring of the fracking plunger sides. However, there are companies that have manufactured 015″of fracking plungers that is out of concentricity with the clamping edge. The solution is offered to hold into compaction the clamping end after the surface of fracking plunger is coated. The fracking plunger therefore, aligns with how it is supposed to be held at the pump.

Fracking plungers are available in two different types of coated varieties. There is a standard nickel which is chrome coated that is PK 62; while in harsh climatic conditions there is a long fracking plunger that can only be obtained after using PK 730 made of tungsten carbide. The company consists of suppliers who offer wide range of services in hard surfaces wire drawing blocks and capstans. It is one of the well-known supplier for all countries around the globe. There are other varieties of HVOF cutting edge , plasma, and submerged arc coating, this technology is essential in improving the wearing and ability of the fracking plunger to withstand corrosion.

To increase resistance to corrosion and minimize downtime in various parts the materials should be changed regularly with hard coating such as tuner rolls, sheaves, and step cones. Meanwhile, submerged arc is used in welding and rebuilding of hard surfaces in wire drawing blocks. Submerging of the arc is one of the best method considered since it is cost effective in hardening of wire drawing locks. PK 503 has features such as having cracked appearance that occurs as a result of checking heat by use of hard super alloy. In some circumstances the cracked surface is adjacent to the quality of a specific wire. PK 200 which is a hard sub arc alloy is used with a lesser one such as in steel sleeves and steel blocks, since they will deposit and are crack free.

Fuse welding is a method which was introduced as a result of advancing technology in wire drawing of rings specifically in copper and aluminum. PK 920, PK 700 and PK 675 are standards used as a result of lowering the cost of using solid ceramic which do not have breakages or slipping problems. Some customers requested for addition of metals, this can occur using primary alloy in a method known as hard surfacing which is done with PK 400. The wires being drawn acquires high quality surface in the finishing. Note that the quality finishing does not assure that the wires has more resistance. The only wires that can undergo hard surfacing are the large ones. High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) is one of the coatings that can be done in drawing of wire blocks. The hard coating is acquired by expelling alloy powder from spray gun and impinging it on a substrate, then it starts to build up.

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