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Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying Euphorbia Obesa

Euphorbia obesa has a long history dating back to 1899. We will not discuss everything here because that’s a topic for another day. However, this genus has several species, most of which are succulents. It an ideal indoor plant especially if you travel a lot. You don’t have to water it frequently making it easier to grow and maintain. The chances are you don’t know the tips for growing your plant but don’t panic because you are at the right place. Read on to learn more information about euphorbia obesa and the best ways through which it can grow to blossom.

Propagating euphorbia is quite a challenge. Its seeds are not easily available but even if you find them, there is no surety they will germinate. The best way to propagate this plant is by cuttings. You have to be careful because the cuttings can ooze sap especially if they are fresh. You should remember to wear hand gloves because the sap can be skin irritant. The good thing is that you can buy ready succulents from a nursery so you can avoid the hard task of germinating or planting fresh cuttings. You just have to ensure you pick the right nursery within your area. This can also be a challenge if you have many options within your reach. It is important that you get adequate information about the succulent you are buying so you will know the best way to take care of it. Pay attention to how the attendants explain different concepts about the plant.

One of the reasons why you might love euphorbia obesa is that just like most succulent varieties, they don’t require a lot of water to blossom. In fact, if you mistakenly leave them in wet soil for a long period, they might rot. Provided there is good drainage, they will do well regardless of the soil type and pH. When it comes to lighting, they grow better in full sun. In case that is not possible with the setting of your home, put them where there is partial shade. To blossom, ensure that you feed your plant well. One of the ideal ways of feeding euphorbia obesa is by adding organic fertilizer to the planting hole during the initial stages. A half strength fertilizer is recommended especially if you are growing in a container. This should be done at least once every four weeks.

You will encounter very few or completely no problems growing euphorbia obesa. Nonetheless, you cannot rule out the possibility of pests and diseases. If you are not alert, spider mites and mealybugs will destroy your plant. It can be hard to control them if they get a chance to grow. Therefore, keep observing the plant at early stages to catch these pests. If you have decided to buy from a nursery, find out early enough so you can familiarize yourself with the buying process and other policies. It would be more convenient if you found a nursery with an online store because you will not have to think about a lot of expenses on transportation and other similar logistics.

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