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Dent Repair Experts – Save Money and Keep Your Vehicle In Shape

“akings of dent repair experts” is how they are called these days. The car of today can be a “floating paradise” when it comes to appearance, but with dent repair experts, you have to watch out. Most of us get in our cars with a smile on our face, waving at the cute girl or guy in the seat next to us who looks like his father was a NFL running back or something. The reality of the matter is that we need dent repair help when our cars are not just looking good but also run well, with no trouble at all.

In years past, getting your car fixed meant either waiting in line for the “kickers” to come and mop up your mess or going to the local body shop and getting the “do-it-yourself” technique that involved chipping away at the frame and putting on some temporary paint to cover up the scratch. In most cases, the body shop technician would ask if you wanted a new car and if you said yes, then they would proceed to the next step – sanding down the frame (the inside and/or outside) to get rid of any foreign substances that were found. They would then re-plate your car so that the paint matched the rest of your vehicle and re-paint it all back to a nice color. And then it would take at least two coats of primer to give your car a good solid seal and make sure that you got rid of all the rust. It was then you could take it to the auto shop to have it painted another color.

Now, our cars are more expensive than they have ever been and most of us cannot afford to keep them properly maintained because life is always in a hurry. We need to make do with what we have and sometimes that means driving through a few bumps along the way. As far as dents go, those are quite minor dents. Sure, they can leave nasty little holes in your car but most repair shops can easily patch those up without much hassle.

Major dents on the other hand are very serious and often require vehicle moving, reparation, paint job replacement, and even sometimes body work. Those types of repairs usually involve a lot of expense. Fortunately, most dent repair places also offer vehicle moving services. If you live in a small town or city and cannot afford to hire your own transportation, then most auto repair shops should be able to help you find a reliable transportation service for free or very cheaply. That way, you do not have to spend a lot of money on all the repairs that your vehicle might need.

Perhaps the most common reason why vehicles become damaged is from road debris such as rocks, hail, or small road debris kicked up during the everyday commute. Regardless of how the dents are repaired, they are still considered dents. The dent repair process begins by removing the damaged portion of the bumper and rubbing down the underside of your vehicle with an adhesive. Then, the experts work to gently mold the area around the damage so that the new area looks like the original.

After the area has been repaired, the experts may spray the repaired area with primer if it needs to be primed. This helps make it easier for you to clean the rest of your vehicle once the repairs are done. Your vehicle should be ready to hit the road once the repairs are done, but it is always a good idea to practice driving it a bit before hitting the streets. The repair process can easily cause slight wear and tear on your vehicle’s body panels, which would cause damage to the paint job if you plan on driving it. You should also ensure that you always remove your seatbelt before driving to ensure that you and your passengers are safe throughout the entire process.

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