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Where Did the Legal Pad Come from And Why Is It So Common in The Modern Business World?
The traditional legal pads are characterized by a few features including margins measuring 1.25 inches in addition to some blue lines on the bottom of the page with a red gum biding on top as well. But one of the most popular questions that most people keep asking is that where did the legal pad come from and why are these reasons that have made it so popular and prominent among most people in the world today? It is interesting that the love that most lawyers have for their legal pads is even great than what they have for their morning coffee. Discussed below are all the significant things, no matter how small that everyone needs to know about legal pads and what makes them most people’s favorite today.

First on the list comes the crucial truths that everyone must understand about legal pads starting with the knowledge that they can be recycled which helps to cut on the company costs in the long run. Other facts that people need to know about legal pads include that they regularly weigh almost half a pound and are commonly made of wood pulp as well. It is also essential to understand that the 1.25-inch margin is what characterizes the legal pads from the ordinary pads and without it, it cannot be called a legal pad.

When it comes to size, people can never have enough of the legal pads as they come in a wide range of sizes, for instance, the traditional ones measure 8.5 inches by 15 inches. There are also others that come in regular paper size of 8 inches by 11 inches without forgetting the miniature legal pads whose size is around 5 inches by 7 inches and do not have to be yellow. In addition to being either yellow or white, some of the other features that characterize legal pads include the 1.25-inch margin, the binding at the top, the gum binding and the perforation as well. It is always essential to make sure that every legal pad that one chooses in the market has the special margin while some people also have the suppliers of the same printing their company logo on the pads as well.

There must be a specific reason that makes manufacturers produce legal pads in two specific colors while on the other hand, why do lawyers love them so much? Some of the reasons that make white and yellow the suitable colors is because they make readability high by creating a contrast between the paper and the ink.