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A Guide to Deer Antler Velvet and Its Benefits

Deer Antler Velvet is a controversial health supplement ideal for athletes and bodybuilders. But despite the controversy, it is known to have many health benefits.

Deer antler or velvet antler is the newly grown antler of deer before it becomes hard. And it has been used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat different types of ailments. Today, it is prescribed as a supplement for boosting the immune system, improving strength, and reducing swelling. Many also recommend deer antler velvet to help heal wounds faster and strengthen bones.

Studies have shown some health benefits of deer antler velvet including treatment for osteoarthritis and it is shown to enhance endurance and strength in athletic performance. There are also indications that it may prevent the growth of tumors, improve circulation, and enhance mood.

Velvet antler also contains high anti-inflammatory elements in order to stop bone and cartilage depletion. Studies are still ongoing in using velvet antler to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

The amazing thing about deer antlers is that each year, deer grow a new set of antlers from scratch. And it grows in just a matter of month before it is again shed at the annual mating season. This is a very unique process of being able to regenerate this appendage each year, and medicine is looking into using the process of growing velvet antlers in the field of healing wounds and regenerating organs.

It has been found by studies that velvet antler contains substances that enable fast healing which can be of use to humans. It also contains hormones that promote the growth of skin tissue. In one study, an ointment made from velvet antler was applied to the skin of rats and it resulted in enhanced healing.

Another great discovery when deers regrow their antlers is that stem cells were found at the base of the antlers. These stem cells develop into various types of cells like skin cells or cartilage cells. Scientists want to find out what causes the stem cells to grow into antlers. This knowledge could prove important in applying to the regeneration of human organs and limbs. But this is an intricate process and much more research has to be put to it.

Today, velvet antlers are being used by athletes especially bodybuilders to build up muscle mass and enhance recovery rates. Athletes today use deer antler supplement powder in order to build up endurance, improve metabolism, decrease body fat and increase muscle strength. Although the controversy still rages, velvet antler has been confirmed to be a legal substance with no side effects.

You can buy deer antler velvet supplements as powder or capsule form, or as an extract in liquid form. It is marketed as a food supplement. Like many supplements based on traditional Chinese medicine, it is quite unclear what properties are inherent in the substance. But since antlers are able to regenerate itself, then the properties in the substance will, if ingested, confer similar benefits on its use.

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