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Guidelines to Follow to Protect Students and Staff at School

With regard to COVID 19 most of the business and all the schools closed down in fear for its condition. However, there is a plan to reopen schools and this is raising a lot of questions on how they will contain the virus. It is paramount to learn that the pandemic has affected the economy of the whole world with many people dead and others struggling with the disease. Wearing a mask, social distancing and disinfecting are some of the issues that people have learned about since they have been used to contain the pandemic. There is need to protect the students and the staff and this can be done if the school’s first consider putting measures in place before they reopen.

On this page, I will discuss some of the guidelines that should be considered to ensure that the schools reopen and the students and staff are safe. The first thing that should be considered is to follow the CDC guidelines that have been set. The COVID 19 pandemic has affected several areas differently and for this reason, it is upon the states to decide whether the can reopen the schools in their region or not. The CDC guidelines need to be followed and implemented and this is to ensure that there is safety and the pandemic is contained. They state that there is need to have smaller class sizes and also to ensure that the desks are six feet apart.

With regard to CDC guidelines, it is recommended that only the same students should be kept together and there should be no switching classes. Wearing the masks is a must and the sharing of equipment among the students and the staff is not recommended. It is important to ensure that there is regular disinfecting amongst the staff and the students and also to improve the ventilation of the classrooms to allow fresh air. There should be regular handwashing for everyone in the school for either the staff and the students. It is important to ensure that the staff and the students who are feeling sick and they say at home.

There should be adequate plans before reopening the schools, hence there will be the need for electrostatic spray that should be used to disinfect the school. It is paramount to learn that schools have desks surfaces and many communal areas where the students meet. It is recommended that there is need to ensure the use of the spray since the hand wiping will take a lot of time. It has been confirmed that a spray is an effective method than disinfecting the school surfaces by hand wiping.

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