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What a Marriage Dissolution Entails

Studies have indicated that divorce is one of the causes of getting a heart attack. There are also higher rates of mortality, substance abuse and depression as a result. However, there will often be a variance in terms of experience. It is not uncommon for one to be subjected to great levels of pain as well as stress during this process. You will get to learn much on how this process goes about from this article.

Divorce is often categorized into two. It is imperative to point out that there is the fault and no-faulty divorce. With a fault divorce, one partner will often put the blame of ruining the marriage squarely on one partner. You will realize that some of the top reasons for such a type of divorce include cheating and abandonment. For a no-fault dissolution, neither the parties blames the other for the separation. Possible grounds for such a breakup will often be long period of time living apart or irreconcilable differences. You will note that so many regions are abandoning the fault divorce. It is not uncommon to find a number of regions requiring the partners to have lived separately for about two years before they can finally file for this marriage dissolution. Usually, the no fault marriage dissolution is much favorable to both parties as well as the children involved.

There are certain agreement documents that you will need to sign. you will be exposed to the separation agreement that itemizes all the things that need to be handled prior to the finalization of the divorce process. Both partners will be expected to voluntarily fill this agreement. It is through this document that matters such as property division, child support and even parental responsibilities will be addressed. You will also have to fill the parental agreement. It usually indicates the parenting plan that both parties have chosen. This will often include the physical custody and visitation schedules. It will also be upon you to fill a couple of divorce forms as well. Such will time and again include the petition to divorce, standard child support orders, parental responsibilities as well as the notice to stop child support.

It is your responsibility to notify the other partner. A petition will be sent alongside a summon. You are also allowed to notify them through a newspaper notice. Upon being notified, the partner will be the one to respond. A court date will only be set once you have finished all the paperwork. It will be a lot easier to complete a divorce process if it is not contested.