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A History of Richard Oakes

There are special groups of people in our society who help in making life more bearable. They help in making sure that a certain group of people are not affected by unfair policies that may be imposed on the them. Some of these people live a legacy behind that exists for years due to the huge impact they made in the society. He ensured that the native American received equal treatment as other Americans through they Alcatraz occupation program. He was involved in the championing the rights of the native Americans and helped in the establishment of the native American studies in the country’s education system. He carried out a huge role when the government adopted harsh policies against the native Americans which lead to a huge protest.

He lived most of his childhood doing some farm work and some fishing. He opted to drop out from his educational journey and sough some work to become a steel worker. He made a discovery on the way that the native American were oppressed in the country. In his stay in the university he joined hands to form a native Americans educational curriculum.

The island was occupied by the native Americans who ought for a place where their rights would be recognized as well a chance to freely practice their cultures. Richard lead his fellow native Americans to the Alcatraz prison which was unused and was stated as a surplus federal property. He wanted a safe place where the native Americans could live and their ultimate goal was to turn the island into a native American cultural center and school.

Many supporters of the campaign joined on the island where they were supported heavily by those on the outside. They tried as much as a possible to establish harsh rules that would see people abandon their supplies routine to the people living on the island. Nothing stopped their aim as basic commodities were still supplied on the island. No force was present during the entire campaign period and more efforts were put in place by the protestors.

The occupancy of the island reached a point where it was abolished leading to the collapse of its agenda. A majority of the initial occupants followed suit and returned to the university. There was also an increase in the drug usage among the new protestors that contributed towards the end of this struggle. There was also limited supplies that made life on the island hard. Later the government sent armed officials to the island so as to force the remaining people to vacate and the occupation was ended by force. He contributed heavily to ensure that the native Americans were treated equally.

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